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Tarana or Taranah (, ) is a type of composition in Hindustani classical vocal music in which certain words and syllables (e.g. "odani", "todani", "tadeem" and "yalali") based on Persian and Arabic phonemes are rendered at a medium (madhya) or fast (drut) pace (laya). It was invented by Amir Khusro (1253-1325 CE), and is similar to the Qalbana form of Sufi poetry. In modern times the tarana is most commonly associated with the singer Amir Khan, who helped popularize it and researched its origins and the syllables used.

Tarana (disambiguation)

Tarana is a type of composition in Indian classical vocal music.

Tarana may also refer to:

  • Tarana (1951 film), a 1951 Indian film starring Madhubala
  • Tarana (1979 film), a 1979 Hindi film starring Mithun Chakravorty
  • Tarana, New South Wales, a small town in New South Wales
  • Tarana (Madhya Pradesh), a town in Ujjain district of Madhya Pradesh State in India.
  • " Qaumī Tarāna", national anthem of Pakistan
Tarana (Madhya Pradesh)

Tarana is a town and a nagar panchayat in Ujjain district in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh.

Tarana (1979 film)

Taraana is a 1979 Hindi movie produced by Tarachand Barjatya for Rajshri Productions. The film stars Mithun Chakravorty, Ranjeeta, Bhagwan Dada, Om Shivpuri, Jagdeep, Shreeram Lagoo, Jayshree T., Urmila Bhatt, and Sharat Saxena. The films music is by Vijay Patil, also known as Raam Laxman.

Tarana (1951 film)

Tarana is a 1951 Hindi movie produced and written by K S Daryani and directed by Ram Daryani. The film stars Dilip Kumar and Madhubala for the first time together, along with Shyama and Jeevan. Anil Biswas wrote the music for the film and one of the popular numbers was the duet "Seene Mein Sulagte Hain Arman", sung by Talat Mehmood and Lata Mangeshkar for Dilip Kumar and Madhubala.