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Tapp is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Alex Tapp (born 1982), English footballer
  • Alistair Tapp (born 1964), English cricketer
  • Darryl Tapp (born 1984), American football player
  • Gordie Tapp, Canadian singer
  • Ian Tapp, English sound engineer
  • Jake Tapp (born 1988), Canadian swimmer
  • Jason Tapp (born 1978), Canadian ice hockey player
  • Jimmy Tapp (1918–2004), Canadian radio personality
  • John Tapp (commentator) (born 1941), Australian racecaller
  • Margaret and Seana Tapp, Australian murder victims
  • Nigel Tapp (1904–1991), British Army general

Fictional characters:

  • David Tapp, character from the Saw franchise

Usage examples of "tapp".

Those addressed started on a chase, pursuant to directions of their leader who had seen Murdock and Tapp run away as he came up to the prostrate Andy.

He knew further that this was another plot of bad Jim Tapp, the friend and associate of criminals.

He had met one of the circus detectives that morning, who told him they had so far discovered no trace of Jim Tapp, or his colleagues, or the stolen mail bag.

ESCAPE Jim Tapp gave a great wriggle as Andy involuntarily let go his hold of the young rascal.

Further, Jim Tapp knew that Andy had run away from home and had been sought for by the police.

Still, the minute he let go of Tapp his presence of mind returned, and he was sorry he had lost his nerve on an impulse.

Before he retired, however, he got word to the circus manager that Jim Tapp was evidently following the circus, and had been seen in Tipton that very evening.

It seemed that the letter Jim Tapp and Murdock had secured was from Mr.

For the time being Andy heard nothing more of Tapp, Murdock and Daley.

He tapp, petals of torn metal down neatly with a hammer from tl,toolbox, and strapped the leg back in place.

More telephone conversations ensued between Rupprecht and von Krafft at one end and von Stein and Tappen at the other.

As reported by Colonel Tappen, this was the prospect that shone before the eyes of OHL.

Appalled, he told Tappen that the reinforcements were not “positively” needed in the I East and would in any event arrive too late for the battle that was already [beginning.

The saving [factor, as Tappen reports it, was the “great victory” on the French fron-i tiers which “aroused in OHL the belief that the decisive battle in the [West had been fought and won.

Moltke, Stein, and Tappen discussed anxiously whether to send reinforcements from Rupprecht’s armies to the right wing, but could not bring themselves to give up their attempt to smash through the French fortress line.