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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Tape \Tape\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Taped; p. pr. & vb. n. Taping.]

  1. To furnish with tape; to fasten, tie, bind, or the like, with tape; specif. (Elec.), to cover (a wire) with insulating tape.

  2. to record on audio tape or video tape; -- either directly, at the scene of the action tape, or indirectly, as from a broadcast of the action. ``I was busy when that episode was on TV, but I taped it and watched it later.''


vb. (en-past of: tape)

  1. adj. secured or held in place by tape; "carefully taped pieces of glass served as a windowpane"

  2. recorded on tape [syn: tape-recorded]

Usage examples of "taped".

In the dimming light, she saw jury-rigged control boxes taped to consoles.

He wasn't as fond of opera as Killa but he knew the comic operettas, musicals, lilts, pattern songs, croons and a selection of the best of every decade back to the beginning of taped music.

The light show dazzled as taped music supported his mournings--for that was what they were, syllables meaning absolutely nothing, with random words from every language she had ever heard tossed in to confuse.

However, as the proceedings were fully taped by both Hrrubans and Terrans, the sequence was not distorted.

Your taped evidence will not be nearly as effective, and if Kai and Varian are not there .

Dragging my people up and down in ridiculous civilian shuttles, for hours of boring questioning which only repeats what we taped on the ship before.

Defense insisted that taped depositions from witnesses were not adequate, and must not , be admitted into evidence, and the Prosecution insisted that they were admissable.

Display screens lit with the first of the taped testimony on data cube videos taken by the original expedition team, before the mutiny.

The ship was broadcasting, had broadcast this tape so many times that the sound of Seber's taped voice was as decayed as his corpse on the bier.

There was nothing taped about the rank or status of said Niall Parollan.

Afra told the Rowan that it was only because he had promised Reidinger that every angle of the ceremony would be taped `I know it doesn't matter on Earth,' Isthia had said as a final argument, `but some purists might fault a bride who is not only pregnant but has a child old enough to be ring-bearer.

Her wrists had been taped behind her, and her ankles were also secured.

If she began to vomit, with her mouth taped the way it was, she could suffocate.

Instead of ripping the adhesive away and taking skin with it, he was careful, and Jane was torn between gratitude and indignation, since he'd taped her mouth in the first place.

Four different bags dripped an IV solution into his muscular right arm, which was taped to the bed.