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Tany may refer to:

  • the Hungarian name of Tôň, a village and municipality in the Komárno District, Slovakia
  • Black tany, a vernacular name for the alga Fucus vesiculosus
  • Tany Youne (1903-1977), a soviet actress and writer
  • Luke de Tany (died 1282), a high-ranking Norman lord
  • Theaurau John Tany (c. 1608-1659), an English preacher and religious visionary
  • William Tany (died after 1385), a Prior of the Hospitallers in Ireland
  • Tany, the sister of a king in the late Hyksos period c. 1570 BCE.

Usage examples of "tany".

Mary de Stutevill greeted him as an old friend, and the daughter of de Tany was no less cordial in welcoming her friend's friend to the hospitality of her father's castle.

Yes, Joan de Tany was good to look upon, and Norman of Torn carried a wounded heart in his breast that longed for surcease from its sufferings -- for a healing balm upon its hurts and bruises.

And as Joan de Tany watched, she saw the smile suddenly freeze to a cold, hard line, and the eyes of the man narrow to mere slits, and her woman's intuition read the death warrant of the King's officer ere the sword of the outlaw buried itself in his heart.

It has been some years since I have seen you and I did not know the old fox Richard de Tany kept such a package as this hid in his grimy old castle.

You have saved my poor, silly wife from this beast, and Joan de Tany is my cousin, so I am doubly beholden to you, Norman of Torn.

I but ride for a moment to the castle of De Tany on an errand, and, as I shall stop there but a few moments, I shall surely join you tomorrow.

When the rising sun shone through the narrow window, it found Joan de Tany at peace with all about her.

I made sure of his safety, then after I had left Brit tany I kept close touch.