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, formed in November 1998, was the first official subgroup of Japanese pop idol girl group Morning Musume. While the maingroup Morning Musume features predominately upbeat songs with fast tempo, Tanpopo featured more slower tempo, sentimental and retro-style songs.

As of 2009, Tanpopo has been revived as Tanpopo#, their latest activity being in 2011 as a three-member unit following Eri Kamei's graduation in 2010. Despite all of the members currently still being in Hello! Project, it is unknown of Tanpopo# will have further activities.

Tanpopo (song)

is the third single of Hello! Project subgroup Tanpopo. It was released on June 16, 1999 as a 8 cm CD. It reached number ten on the Japan Oricon charts. Unlike other Tanpopo singles, the song was first featured in Tanpopo 1 before it was released as a single.

Former Tanpopo member, Aya Ishiguro, reunited with the group's 2nd Generation to sing the Grand Symphonic version of the song. This new version, along with the single version, was featured in the group's second album, All of Tanpopo.

Tanpopo (mission)

The Tanpopo mission is an orbital astrobiology project that is investigating the possible interplanetary transfer of life, organic compounds, and possible terrestrial particles in the low Earth orbit. The purpose is to assess the panspermia hypothesis and the possibility of natural interplanetary transport of life and its precursors.

The experiment, developed by Japanese scientists, started in May 2015 by utilizing the Exposed Facility located on the exterior of Kibo, the Japanese Experimental Module of the International Space Station. The mission will collect cosmic dust by using ultra-low density silica gel ( aerogel), and will analyze them after returning them to the Earth. The Principal Investigator is Akihiko Yamagishi, who heads a team of researchers from 26 universities and institutions in Japan, including JAXA.