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Tano (name)

Tano may refer to the following people

Given name
  • "Don Tano", the Sicilian capomafia Gaetano Badalamenti
  • Tano Bonnín (born 1990), Dominican Republic association football player
  • Tano Cimarosa (1922–2008), Italian actor
  • Tano Tijerina (born 1974), American rancher and businessman
  • Barbro Tano (born 1939), Swedish cross-country skier
  • Eugenio Tano (1840–1914), Italian painter
  • Kevin Tano (born 1993), Dutch association football player
  • Kosei Tano (1914–?), Japanese Olympic water polo player

Usage examples of "tano".

All was confusion, and Montoya sent Father Diaz Tano to Asuncion to beg the Governor, Don Luis de Cespedes, to send them help.

Chee told him about the deaths of the Christian at Thoreau and the koshare at Tano, and how nobody seemed to know why either one had died, and about his frustrating hunt for Delmar Kanitewa.

He concluded finally with the presumption that the package Delmar Kanitewa had taken to his koshare uncle was a copy of the Tano cane, and the koshare put it in the wagon to warn against selling pueblo artifacts.

Christian portion of the world, received Diaz Tano kindly, listened to all he had to say with interest, promised him his help, and gave him a Papal letter menacing the Mamelucos with the wrath of God.

Popular hatred, to the full as idiotic as is popular applause, fell chiefly upon Father Diaz Tano -- he who had saved ten thousand Indians for the King of Spain in his celebrated retreat before the Mamelucos down the Parana -- and he was frequently insulted in the streets.

He told Chee what he had learned about the Tano Lincoln Cane and the Pojoaque Lincoln Cane and about collectors of historic rarities, and his conclusions about Asher Davis.

From what I hear the route Sunbelt favors runs across Tano Pueblo land.

Thoreau on the Checkerboard Reservation and one way over at Tano Pueblo.

What one sees of Tano ceremonialism herein is a melding of the author's experience at other pueblos.

Mallë tano "of that road", genitive of mallë tana "that road" the genitive ending -o displacing a final -a as usual.

Maigi said, and a moment later saw Tano with two big boxes, headed in through the outer door, and, imperiling an antique table, through the reception room.

In the map on the wall behind his desk he put a pin at Tano Pueblo, and another between Crownpoint and Thoreau, about where Kanitewa had stayed with his father.

He crouched and set the Tano shell inside, pushing it into the bundle of a spare shirt.

And Tano, with a little bow, placed two objects beside his plate as he went to his chair, one a piece of vellum paper folded double, not scrolled as one did with formal messages.