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Tani may refer to:

  • Tani (tribes), a group of tribes in Arunachal Pradesh, India
  • Tani (surname), a Japanese surname
  • Tani District, a district in Khost Province, Afghanistan
  • Tani, Prasat a sub-district of Prasat District in Surin Province, Thailand
Tani (tribes)

The Tani Tribes is a group of tribes from the state of Arunachal Pradesh, India with certain common belief systems; primarily, their belief in Abotani as their primeval ancestor. The group comprises Adi's include(Pasi,Padam,Minyong,Bori,Pailibo,Bokar), Apatani, Hill Miri, Nyishi and Tagin. They are also often referred to as the Tani group.

Tani (Khost)

Tani (also: Daragi) is a village and the center of Tani District, Khost Province, Afghanistan. It is located on at 1,303 m altitude. The main tongue spoken there is Pashto language. It is a neighbour to Mando Zai District

Category:Populated places in Khost Province

Tani (letter)

Tani (asomtavruli , nuskhuri , mkhedruli თ) is the 9th letter of the three Georgian scripts.

In the system of Georgian numerals it has a value of 9.

Tani commonly represents the voiceless alveolar plosive , like the pronunciation of in "table".

Tani (surname)

Tani (written: 谷 lit. "valley") is a Japanese surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Hayato Tani, Japanese actor
  • Ikuko Tani, Japanese actress and voice actress
  • Kei Tani, Japanese comedian, actor and musician
  • Koichi Tani, Japanese politician
  • Ryoko Tani, Japanese judoka
  • Tani Tateki, Japanese general
  • Yoshitomo Tani Japanese baseball player

Fictional characters:

  • Akiko Tani, a character in the manga series Detective Conan

Usage examples of "tani".

But Tani had almost recovered from the trauma the clickers had caused her.

Then Tani walked down the ramp flanked by Storm and Logan, each a half-pace behind her.

Beside him he could feel Tani doing the same as her hand slid into his.

Storm and Tani weren't the only ones who could see through a disguise.

Last week she and Storm had been off hunting with the Djimbut tribe of the Nitra, the Arzoran natives with whom Tani had made such firm friends while she and Storm sought out the origin of the clickers.

But she'd accepted the mate Tani had given her from the ark's tissue samples.

I'll talk to Tani when she gets back but she'd planned to be gone a ten-day.

It was their ill fortune that Tani and her friends had been hunting in that direction.

Mandy landed lightly and waddled forward as Tani dropped to one knee to stroke the large bird.

From where Tani stood, there came a loud cry and the girl was running.

He waited for Tani to settle Mandy before leading the way back to the copter and ushering them inside.

Before either Gauda or Storm could question that, Tani was asking questions of her own.

Laris could tell by Ferarres's obstinacy, that, untrained as Tani might be, still her abilities were powerful and her team was bonded to her very strongly.

As for Tani, did you ever seriously think Storm would go alone when part of her team is out there somewhere as well?

Before that became bogged down in refusals to act against the Lady Ideena or Baris, Brad mentioned that incoming on an official patrol vessel two hours out was Tani, daughter of Bright Sky, the savior of Trastor.