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Tangut can refer to:

  • Tangut people, an ancient ethnic group in Northwest China, not Tibetan people.
  • Tangut language, the extinct language spoken by the Tangut people, not Tibetan language.
  • Tangut script, the writing system used to write the Tangut language
  • Western Xia (1038–1227), also known as the Tangut Empire, a state founded by the Tangut people

In some 18th and 19th century works, the term 'Tangut' is totally changed and it tends to be used as a synonym for Tibet or Tibetan, and may refer to:

  • Tibet
  • Tibetan people
  • Tibetan language
  • Tibetan script

A number of plants found in the region of Tibet are named tangutica or tanguticus:

  • Anisodus tanguticus
  • Caragana tangutica
  • Caryopteris tangutica
  • Clematis tangutica
  • Daphne tangutica
  • Lonicera tangutica
  • Saussurea tangutica
  • Scopolia tangutica
  • Sinacalia tangutica
Tangut (Unicode block)

Tangut is a Unicode block containing characters from the Tangut script, which was used for writing the Tangut language spoken by the Tangut people in the Western Xia Empire, and in China during the Yuan dynasty and early Ming dynasty.

Usage examples of "tangut".

After the chapter devoted to Tangut in general, and before that which contains the description of its capital, are three chapters treating successively of the provinces of Camul, Ginchintalas, and Juctang, in the latter of which we find this passage: 'Et la grant provence jeneraus où ceste provence (Juctang) est, et ceste deux (Camul et Ginchintalas) que je vos ai contés en arrieres, est appellés Tangut.