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Tancrède (disambiguation)

Tancrède is an opera by André Campra.

Tancrède may also refer to:

  • Tancrède Vallerey (born 1892), a French writer
  • Tancrède Labbé (1887–1956), a prominent Quebec politician and businessman
  • Tancrède de Hauteville (980–1041), an eleventh-century Norman petty lord
  • Tancrède, a play by Voltaire
  • Tancrède (French singer), a French contemporary singer

Tancrède is a tragédie en musique (a French opera in the lyric tragedy tradition) in a prologue and five acts by composer André Campra and librettist Antoine Danchet, based on Gerusalemme liberata by Torquato Tasso.

The opera contains 23 dances in addition to the singing, but is famous for the alleged first contralto role in French opera (though in modern terms more of a mezzo-soprano range) written for Julie d'Aubigny, known as 'La Maupin', the most colorful singer of this era, or any other. It's also notable for the unusual choice of three low-lying voices for the main male parts.

Tancrède (French singer)

Tancrède is a contemporary French singer born in Paris.