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Tammi may refer to

  • Tammi (company), a Finnish publishing company
  • Jukka Tammi (born 1962), Finnish ice hockey goaltender
  • Tammi Ann (born 1971), American former pornographic film actress
  • Tammi Øst (born 1958), Danish actress
  • Tammi Patterson (born 1990), Australian tennis player
  • Tammi Reiss (born 1970), American actress and former Women's National Basketball Association player
  • Tammi Terrell (1945-1970), American Motown singer
Tammi (company)

Tammi is a Finnish publishing company established in 1943 by an initiative of Väinö Tanner, leader of the Social Democratic Party of Finland. In 1996, the company was bought by the Bonnier Group, and it is currently the third largest book publisher in Finland.

Its series Keltainen kirjasto (Yellow library), published since 1954, specialises in "quality literature", including books by many recipients of the Nobel Prize in Literature.