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Tami (, an acronym for Tnu'at Masoret Yisrael , lit. Movement for the Heritage of Israel) was a Mizrahi-dominated political party in Israel during the 1980s. It was led by Aharon Abuhatzira for its entire existence.

Tami (disambiguation)

Tami was a political party in Israel in the 1980s.

Tami may also refer to:

  • Tami language, a language of Papua New Guinea
  • Tami Islands in Papua New Guinea
  • Tami (given name), a list of people
  • Tami Chynn, stage name of Jamaican singer, songwriter, and dancer Tammar Anika Chin (born 1984)
  • Mark Tami (born 1962), British politician and Member of Parliament
  • Pierluigi Tami (born 1961), Swiss retired footballer
Tami (given name)

Tami is a given name and nickname, usually feminine, which may refer to: