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Tambre is a comune (municipality) in the Province of Belluno in the Italian region Veneto, located about north of Venice and about east of Belluno. As of 31 December 2004, it had a population of 1,501 and an area of .

The municipality of Tambre contains the frazioni (subdivisions, mainly villages and hamlets) All'O',Broz, Civit, Pianon Sant'Anna, Fullin, Val Turcana, Tambruz, Lavina,Pian Cansiglio, and Valdenogher.

Tambre borders the following municipalities: Aviano, Barcis, Budoia, Caneva, Chies d'Alpago, Farra d'Alpago, Fregona, Polcenigo, Puos d'Alpago.

Tambre (river)

The Tambre is a coastal river that crosses Galicia, in northwestern Spain. Its basin covers .

The river flows through the province of A Coruña; the municipalities along its course are Sobrado, Curtis, Vilasantar, Boimorto, Mesía, Frades, Arzúa, O Pino, Oroso, Ordes, Trazo, Tordoia, Santiago de Compostela, Val do Dubra, Ames, A Baña, Brion, Negreira, Outes, Mazaricos, Noia and Lousame.

It has been designated a Site of Community Importance.

In ancient times, it was called "Támaris"; it was from the lands north of this river that the Spanish House of Trastámara derived its name (Tras-Támara - "across the Tamara".)