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Tambo may refer to:


The , is a short staff weapon used in Okinawa and feudal Japan. Today the tambo is used by various martial arts schools.

Tambo (Incan structure)

A tambo ( Quechua: tampu, "inn") was an Incan structure built for administrative and military purposes. Found along Incan roads, tambos typically contained supplies, served as lodging for itinerant state personnel, and were depositories of quipu-based accounting records. Individuals from nearby communities within the Inca empire were conscripted to serve in the tambos, as part of the mit'a labor system.

Usage examples of "tambo".

The North American often exasperated Tambo with his quirks and foibles.

Oliver Tambo, the president of the ANC, was on an unofficial visit to East Germany and could not return to London in time for the meeting.

It was a solitary mud tambo, glorying in the euphonious name of Chuquipoyo.

Gladly we left this cheerless tambo, though a cold, heavy mist was falling as we rode northward, over the seemingly endless paramo of Sanancajas.

And now we rapidly descended by a steep, narrow path, and over paramo and bog, to a little tambo, where we had the luxury of sleeping on a bed of straw.

A small Peruvian steamer has recently ascended the Tambo to within sixty miles of Fort Ramon, or seven hundred and seventy-three miles from Nauta.

Her old friendship with Tambo dates from those days when she used to serve him tea at Britannia Court and somehow produce enough food to go round whomever Whaila brought home.

Oliver Tambo, even then, had the eyes of sleepless nights behind his thick glasses, and the opacity of flesh that, as it did in Whaila, marks the faces behind which decisions must be made: loosed boulders whose thundering echoes a passage out of sight, into consequences that cannot fully be foreseen.

It was said in Lusaka that they were meant to kill Oliver Tambo, but came to the wrong address.

The blacks in the gallery began to sing and stamp over calls for order and as the police hustled them out they went stamping, waving fists at the four men being led down to the well of the court whose fists were raised to them, and already there were new verses for the refrain of their song: woza Luthuli, woza Mandela, woza Tambo, woza Sisulu, woza Mbeki, woza Slovo, woza Kgomanito those names they added the names of the four men, the three blacks and their white brother, descending to prison.

And Ali Baba got his first-ever laugh just by walking into the pista, for Zanni had done his makeup like that of the Tambo or Bones in an American minstrel show.

The heads are named Don Juan Tambo Usca Mayta, and Don Baltasar Quiso Mayta.

These being finished, he went down the valley of Yucay to a place which is now called Tambo, eight leagues from Cuzco, where he erected some magnificent buildings.

While his sons prosecuted the war, Pachacuti their father, finished the edifices at Tambo, and constructed the ponds and pleasure houses of Yucay.

Lima Tambo, remembering how fair and stately a city it had been in the days before the plunderer and the oppressor came.