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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"loquacious," 1815, from talk (n.) + -y (2). Related: Talkiness.


a. 1 (context of a person English) talkative or loquacious 2 (context of a book etc English) Containing a great deal of dialogue or talking in general

  1. adj. full of trivial conversation; "kept from her housework by gabby neighbors" [syn: chatty, gabby, garrulous, loquacious, talkative]

  2. [also: talkiest, talkier]

Usage examples of "talky".

Uh, not to be a buttinsky, but could we get back to the pep talky thing?

Cut out a lot of the talky crap about chemosynthesis and photosynthesis, splice in some older material showing horrible-looking wriggly worms, add shots of the pressure gauges running up past maximum.

For all the peddler’s scruffiness and talky ways, I liked him—even if he couldn’t write his name.

The engineer in charge and that talky shop steward had no reason to grumble.

If he doesn't come back talkier after that, we'll give him to them, too.

Eric was always talkier than Tom, but as his AIDS progressed, it became impossible to shut him up.