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Talea may refer to:

  • Repeated rhythmic pattern used in isorhythm
  • Talea, Prahova, a commune in Prahova County, Romania
  • A brand of Italian amaretto cream liqueur
  • Talea, a fictional character from the Spellsinger series by Alan Dean Foster

Usage examples of "talea".

Mudge and Colin kept reminding the dazed Jon-Tom that their opponents were no more human man they were Talea and for him to fight back.

The Talea on his left dropped her Weapon, let out a loud moan, and fell to the ground.

It looked like Talea, it sounded like Talea, but so had all the others, and when pricked, they had gone up in puffs of orange-red gas.

In so doing, he used the last of his arrows, but he was able to recover the majority of them from the surrounding rubble-strewn slope, where they had come to rest after passing completely through the spurious bodies of the Talea clones.

Even Jon-Tom and Talea, with their inferior human hearing, could sense it clearly.

So he just nodded down at Talea while adopting his most mature and farsighted expression.

Okaytell him that your sweet, demure little Talea badgered you unmercifully until you had no choice but to stumble over and pretty-please ask him to shut his exalted self up.

That led him to thoughts of Talea, and home, and induced a melancholy the otters understood and did not comment upon.

Mudge stood next to them, making salient points as Talea chased the apologetic Jon-Tom several times around their tree home.

Jon-Tom sat in his favorite chair sipping Selesass tea while Talea curled up on the floor next to him.

Brea and Talea sat at the front of the boat whispering to one another.

Betsy is certainly the heroine of our talea tale of horror so fantastic no writer of fiction would dare invent it.

He was acutely conscious of the fact that the rapidly diminishing band of Taleas might be attempting to substitute craftiness for numbers.

Should he spend good silvers to get passage to Vizyn to find Taleas and see if the scrivener could help him?

But the chandler had said that Taleas was but a few hundred cubits from the inn.