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TAL or Tal may refer to:

Tal (album)

Tal is an album by American jazz guitarist Tal Farlow, released in 1956.

Originally released on Norman Granz's Norgran label, it was subsequently released by Verve. It has been reissued by Verve again in 2001 and also on Universal Japan.

Tal (singer)

Tal Benyerzi (; born 12 December 1989), professionally known by her mononym Tal, is an Israeli-born French singer-songwriter and occasional dancer. She is currently signed to Warner Music France.

Tal (name)

Tal is a given name and a surname.

Usage examples of "tal".

Nunca deixei de sentir tal ou qual desvanecimento em que os meus amigos agradassem a todos.

Princess Simoda Tal, in this very palace, by the thrust of an ancipiTal horn.

Tal y Llyn and the slopes of Cader Idris, to find out if this new part of his mind could sense there some further memory of the way he had begun.

Dark vanished forever from Cader Idris, from the valley of the Dysynni, from Tal y Llyn.

El caudillo de la parroquia le da una carta para un tal Azevedo Bandeira, del Uruguay.

To break from a circle of retribution, he plans a dynastic marriage with Simoda Tal, daughter of King Sayren Stund of Oldorando.

But Aoz Roon found his family tyrannical, revolted against it early in life, and established his niche in a distant tower, along with bright sparks of his own age, the mirthful Eline Tal, the lecherous Faralin Ferd, the steady Tanth Ein.

Tal, Tanth Ein, and Faralin Ferd called out to their own women, employing endearments and abuse in equal measure.

He started down the stairs, his great shoulders almost blocking the trap as he descended, with Faralin Ferd and Eline Tal after him.

The feast was in honour of his three new lieutenants, Tanth Ein, Faralin Ferd, and Eline Tal.

Roon appeared with Eline Tal and Faralin Ferd, and claimed one of the other two hoxneys, which was christened Grey.

Ein and Faralin Ferd rode up, closely followed by Aoz Roon and Eline Tal, with Dathka and younger hunters riding behind.

The people in this village know me, for in response to an urgent telegram, which the whole village subscribed to send me, and which was carried by runner to Naini Tal for transmission, I once came hot-foot from Mokameh Ghat, where I was working, to rid them of a man-eating tiger.

He objected strenuously, saying that Tal Hajus often flew into wild fits of passion at the mere thought of the blow I had dealt him, and that if ever he laid his hands upon me I would be subjected to the most horrible tortures.

But, ten minutes after the smiling Lathi Tal had vanished, like a thunderbolt upon the heads of Van Houten and Groot descended the purport of a document which that confidential person must have accidenTally dropped in their shop.