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Usage examples of "takk".

In the center of each table stood the takk pot, full of the rich, hot, wine-colored drink.

Platters of lizard eggs, boiled in the shell, and heavy slabs of lizard meat sat next to the takk pot.

The first cup of takk had restored his tongue and burned courage through his body.

Kkarina was stirring the takk in a gigantic pot, tasting it every three or four stirs.

The takk was hot enough to send up bubbles that burst into a deep pink froth.

He drank the takk as quickly as he could, letting the hot, thick liquid scar a trail down his throat.

Trikko was eating a second slice of cake-Trikko, who usually seemed to exist on takk and water.

Something always went terribly wrong in the kitchen without her: the meat would be spoiled or the takk would not boil or the stoves would not function properly.

He grimaced as Errikkin slid a glass of hot, thick takk in front of him but drank it nonetheless, hunger getting the better of indignation.

And have people wait on me and wash my clothes and have more to eat than lizard meat and takk and eggs and bread.