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take after

vb. 1 To resemble (a parent or ancestor) in appearance or habit. 2 To follow someone's example.

take after
  1. v. be similar to a relative; "She takes after her father!"

  2. imitate in behavior; take as a model; "Teenagers follow their friends in everything" [syn: follow]

Usage examples of "take after".

My own feeling (and even Vulcans these days seem to admit that feelings have value) is that the Vulcans and Romulans are as marvelous as they are partly because they take after Dorothy.

Though only eleven years old, he already stood shoulder-height to Corran and clearly was going to take after his grandfathers in terms of size.

Gradgrind did not take after Blue Beard, his room was quite a blue chamber in its abundance of blue books.

So, though he made some passing and half preoccupied inquiry about the feast he was easily satisfied with the Earl's reasons for not holding it: which were that he had arranged a consultation for that morning in regard to the troops for the Dauphin, to which meeting he had summoned a number of his own more important dependent nobles, that the King himself needed repose and the hour or so of rest that his barber- surgeon had ordered him to take after his mid-day meal.

The housekeeper's eyebrows went up slightly when Heris mentioned weapons, but the brief explanation that Lady Cecelia wanted to find her nephew brought them back down, as if Lady Cecelia could be expected to take after her relatives with firepower.

You will not, absolutely not, tell anyone else here who will be going with you or the route that you plan to take after you leave the city.