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Taiyi 太一, 太乙 is a concept of Chinese cosmology.


  • name for Dao ( Tao) given by the Dao de jing
  • ancient Chinese name of the Pole Star (see :zh:太一)
  • Taiyi Shengshui 太一生水, Warring States period excavated text presenting a cosmogonic concept involving the Taiyi star


  • Taiyi Zhenren, Daoist deity and folklore character
  • Alternate name for the Zhongnan Mountains, Shaanxi Province
  • One of the Acupuncture points, see :zh:太乙穴
  • 帝太乙 Title of Tang of Shang 湯
  • Pen name of Lin Yuru 林玉如 (1926–2003), second daughter of Lin Yutang