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Tair is derived from " altair", the Arabic word for a bird.

  • Tair Airways
  • Tair Carn Uchaf
  • Tair (lens), a Soviet telephoto prime lens series manufactured by Zenit.

TAIR may refer to :

  • The Arabidopsis Information Resource, a database on Arabidopsis thaliana genome

Tairov may refer to :

  • Alexander Tairov (1885-1950), a Russia theatre director
  • Tairov, a village in the Armavir Province of Armenia
Tair (lens)

Tair is the name of a series of prime lenses manufactured by KMZ in the Soviet Union.

Usage examples of "tair".

Tair could not open his mouth without crowing, and the boy Hok strived mightily to emulate his older brother.

Tair slapped Conan on the back, and they and Hok proceeded upon their explorations.

Conan looked up to see a Pili running the same way, and next to the lizard man, he spotted Tair and Hok, also fleeing.

Tair already had one of the oars up and in the lock, and Hok was straining to lift the second oar when Conan grabbed it from him and thrust it into place.

To amuse himself, Hok dug at the weed with the point of the short knife Tair had given him, and he looked happy in that small chore.

Tair traded jabs with the third selkie guarding the door, while Cheen and Hok worried the fourth guard with spear and knife.

Cheen and Hok had been joined by Tair, and they finished off the last selkie guard as he watched.

Cheen fell to one knee, and even the fine balances of Tair and Hok were disturbed.

He would bid farewell to Cheen and Tair and Hok and their giant trees, and he would go.

Truth or lie to this Taira matters not at all, he is gai-jin, a minor leader of our most powerful outside enemy and therefore to be used, distrusted, hated and killed at whim.

I would like an order signed by this Taira, or better the chief of the gai-jin, ordering me to open my house to you, in case or when the Bakufu arrive here.

For extra safety I suggest you should hire the whole restaurant and order this Taira to speak only Japanese in the bathhouse.

If half of what Taira says is true, no, a hundredth part, then it will take decades to catch up with them.

Soon Hiraga was giddy from the effort of concentration, and his desperate wish to understand everything when he understood almost nothing, but also because he could not comprehend why an official as important as Taira would answer any question an enemy would ask, forof course we are enemies.

Weak with relief, he relaxed slightly, at the same time once again astounded that any man, let alone an important official like Taira would allow himself to show his inner feelings so openly to anyone, let alone to an enemy.