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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Tain \Tain\, n. [OE. tein, teyne; cf. Icel. teinn a twig, akin to AS. t[=a]n, Goth. tains.] Thin tin plate; also, tin foil for mirrors.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"thin tin plate for mirrors, etc.," 1858, from French tain "tinfoil" (17c.), an alteration of étain "tin," from Latin stagnum, stannum "alloy of silver and lead," in Late Latin "tin" (see stannic).


n. 1 (context obsolete English) Thin tin plate 2 (context obsolete English) Tin foil for mirrors.


Tain ( Gaelic: Baile Dhubhthaich) is a royal burgh and parish in the County of Ross, in the Highlands of Scotland.

Tain (disambiguation)

Tain is a town and royal burgh in the Highland council area of Scotland.

Tain can also refer to:

Tain (Ghana parliament constituency)

Hon. Kwasi Agyemang Gyan-Tutu is the member of parliament for the constituency. He was elected on the ticket of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and won a majority of 17,403 votes representing 56.05% to become the MP. He defeated New Patriotic Party (NPP) parliamentary candidate Joseph Ofori Amanfo who had 13,035 votes representing 41.98% of the total votes cast. .

Tain (Parliament of Scotland constituency)

Tain in Ross-shire was a burgh constituency that elected one commissioner to the Parliament of Scotland and to the Convention of Estates.

After the Acts of Union 1707, Tain, Dingwall, Dornoch, Kirkwall and Wick formed the Tain district of burghs, returning one member between them to the House of Commons of Great Britain.

Usage examples of "tain".

But there are aspirin substitutes, heavily advertised and bought, which con110 tain a chemical, phenacetin.

Stars were scattered above the dark, snow-blanketed moun tains, and the man in the moon smiled down while white flurries danced in the liquid night sky.

Tain might change beshti, and steal one or two, but as yet they found no trace of that: besides that, the trail grew confused, Osan taking the scents of dozens of his kind, growing distracted: they would have to pick up the trail outside again, and that would cost time.

What kind of woman settled for the Iran sient pleasure of the moment when the past was riddled with one betrayal after another, and the future too uncer tain to contemplate?

THE LAWS OF OUR FATHERS tain about whether he wants to stand ground with Molto or retreat.

Tain of Kais Tain had successfully rebelled against the Ila and the Lakht, undefeated for ten years, and had all the west under his hand.

He still saw her sitting there in the street of Kais Tain, a heap of bright cloth and grief.

He was not in Kais Tain, where marriage was singular and women, but not men, could die for a mere suspicion of infidelity.

A cerTain part of him longed to linger back and wait for Kais Tain to pass: See, Father, he could say.

Having seen a father part with his daughter and a village agree with that act, he could no longer delude himself that Kais Tain would ever confess their own guilt for turning him out.

We gab with the others at the top - including a couple of local golfers debating the merits of the courses in Tain, Dornoch, and Brora -and survey the town, indeed the whole parish, spread wide beneath us.

The army had cheered for him, and Tain had sulked in his tent, full of resentment.

Tain sulking and drinking all night and breaking crockery because he had a daughter and not a second son.

It is a cheap handbill, covered with large blockish script: Announcing the services of Forgemaster Inks tain and his wondrous printing device!

Lan Bruch had seated himself at a table near a window that had been cur- 116 THE UNIVERSE MAKER tained until this moment.