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Taïm is an Israeli vegetarian restaurant located at 45 Spring Street (on the corner of Mulberry Street), in NoLita in Manhattan, New York City. "Taïm" means "tasty" in Hebrew.

The Spring Street location opened in October 2012. Another location is at 222 Waverly Place (near Perry Street), in the West Village since 2005.

Usage examples of "taim".

Taim stood rigidly, facing the doors, and Taim himself was peering at the fireplace, arms folded across his chest.

Before Logain and Taim and the rest were destroyed, they would help Toveine Gazal bring down Elaida.

If the Reds had pushed Logain to name himself the Dragon Reborn, could they have done the same for Gorin Rogad or Mazrim Taim?

With the memory of Taim as a false Dragon strong in their heads, few of the Saldaeans could hide their ill ease.

Taim was facing Jur Grady, both staring at a tiny flame wavering between them.

If Taim ever sets foot in Saldaea again, he will not live to leave.