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n. (context British especially Scotland and Northern Ireland derogatory English) A Catholic.

Usage examples of "taig".

But you can feel a taig, as you know, even when it does not speak to you: you felt the lure of Ereisbrit.

But we are to sense, in the taig of forest and field, that slight unease.

The revulsion you felt is what all who can sense the taig feel, when they come within range.

I have touched the elfane taig, and lain captive of the iynisin longer than I care to tell, and fought a daskdraudigs when my wounds were healed.

At the time, as you said, he seemed as fit to rule as the new king, who had no taig sense and no way to beget any.

Humans need not, Paks saw, worship their immortality, their cool wisdom, their knowledge of the taig, their ability to repattern mortal perceptions.

A king of elven heritage, aware of the taig by that blood, would follow the High Lord, as you call him, directly.

She does not much like forests, especially not these, where the elves and rangers have sung the taig so often.

We had heard you were taken, that you had asked a Kuakgan to rouse the taig in his behalf.

Your elven senses wake: you feel the taig singing you home, and your response calls forth more song.

Yet on the chance that it is true, I am sending one of my party into the banast taig to find out.

The banast taig freed to be the elfane taig again, and the pollution gone from its heart!

But she could not return to the elfane taig with it, that was certain.

Then she described the valley of the elfane taig as they had first seen it, and the dream that came to both of them.

I was to say that the elfane taig had awaked, and the elf lord was freed.