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Tagi may refer to:

  • Tagi, a tribe in Survivor: Borneo
  • Tagi, local Samoan name for Gymnosarda unicolor, a species of fish
  • Tagi, the Fijian word meaning "To cry". (see Wiktionary entry)
  • Tagi in Taukei, Fijian phrase meaning the voice of the Fijian people
  • Tagi, abbreviation for the name of the newspaper Tages_Anzeiger in Zurich, Switzerland


  • Pita Tagi Cakiverata, Fijian politician.
  • Tagi (Ginti mayor), mayor/ruler of 1350 BC Amarna letters city Gintikirmil in Canaan


  • Nakhl Taqi - also known as Tagi, a city in Iran
  • Taji - also known as Tagi, Iraq
  • Tagi Station, a railway station in Japan

In fiction:

  • Tagi, a character from the online video series Pure Pwnage
Tagi (Ginti mayor)

Tagi was the ruler/mayor of ancient Ginti–(Gintikirmil), of the 14th century BC Amarna letters. Tagi's name is a Hurrian hypocoristicon for the word beautiful.

Tagi was the father-in-law of Milkilu, mayor of ancient Gazru-(modern Gezer), (one of three mayors). Tagi was the author of 3 short, but complete Amarna letters, EA 264-66, (EA for 'el Amarna'), and Tagi is also referenced in two other letters. The authored letters are written to the pharaoh of Egypt.