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n. Welshman


Taff may refer to:

  • River Taff, a large river in Wales
  • Taff (TV series), a German tabloid news programme
  • Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund, an organisation in science fiction fandom
Taff (TV series)

Taff is a tabloid news magazine airing on the German television network, ProSieben.

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Usage examples of "taff".

Eddie resided at the boardinghouse of our erstwhile saloon keeper, Taff O.

Under Taff, the Mann-Elkins Act put telephone and telegraph systems under the regulation of the Interstate Commerce Commission.

TAFF (strick struck strangling like aleal lusky Lubliner to merumber by the cycl of the cruize who strungled Attahilloupa with what empoisoned El Monte de Zuma and failing wilnaynilnay that he was pallups barn in the minkst of the Krumlin befodt he was popsoused into the monkst of the vatercan, makes the holypolygon of the emt on the greaseshaper, a little farther, a little soon, a lettera cettera, oukraydoubray).

He saw the red ensign curling listlessly above the taff rail, the glitter of gilt paint and polished fittings.