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TAF may refer to:

  • Tactical air force, a formation of the air forces of the British Commonwealth during and after World War II:
    • Australian First Tactical Air Force - South West Pacific Area
    • Desert Air Force (later known as the First Tactical Air Force) - North Africa and later Italy
    • RAF Second Tactical Air Force - Northern Europe
    • RAF Third Tactical Air Force - South Asia
    • Northwest African Tactical Air Force
  • River Taf, in South Wales, UK
  • TAF Linhas AĆ©reas, a Brazilian airline
  • Taiwanese American Foundation, an organization working in the Taiwanese immigrant community of the US
  • Tav/Taf/Taph/ Taw, the final letter of many Semitic abjads
  • TBP-associated factors, a term used in genetics
  • Tenofovir alafenamide fumarate, a drug use in the treatment of HIV infection
  • Term Auction Facility, an instrument of monetary policy introduced in US financial markets
  • Terminal aerodrome forecast, format for reporting weather forecast information in aviation
  • Test automation framework, in computer software testing
  • The American Friend, 1977 film
  • The Athlete's Foot, a retail supplier of shoes and other sports apparel
  • Thousand acre-feet, a quantity of water used in resource planning
  • Tiger Athletic Foundation, private, non-profit corporation supporting Louisiana State University and its athletics program
  • Tokyo International Anime Fair, an anime trade fair held annually in Japan
  • Trade Association Forum, an umbrella group for trade organisations in the UK
  • Treno ad alta frequentazione, an Italian railway vehicle
  • Trim and Fit, a former school anti-obesity program in Singapore
  • Tunisian Armed Forces
  • Tunisian Air Force
  • Turkish Air Force