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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Taen \Taen\, or Ta'en \Ta'en\, p. p. of Ta, to take, or a contraction of Taken. [Poetic & Scot.]

Usage examples of "taen".

The clangor of tortured metal and the scream of the tortured knight that quite outsang it, startled the faithful war charger even more than the sudden heavy weight on its back, and it reared-almost spilling Sir Taen from his seat once more-and then galloped wildly down the length of the bedchamber.

Through dream-sense, Taen knew he spoke of the past, and the contention that remained unresolved since Kisburn's conjurers had tried to coerce Anskiere to free the frostwargs for the purpose of conquest and greed.

The spells of the Mhored Karan conjurers were no part of the cause, but only the foil for an apprehension Taen had no name for.

Though the agony inherent in the Cycle of Fire dizzied her almost to delirium, Taen shaped her presence into a call of compassion.

His beads clinked as sweetly as the wind-borne chime of the goat bells Taen recalled from Imrill Kand as he reached into his pocket and drew forth a carved briar pipe.

Only when he had finished did Taen realize his curtness was rooted in distress.

Laced in the depths of nightmare like a fish in a gill net, Taen tried to raise her voice in denial.

In link with him, Taen felt the chills which prickled the length of her brother's spine.

Irked by the sound and soaked to the skin, Taen huddled under her cloak, attention glued to the horizon where at long last the dark reddish triangle of the first sail sliced the gloom.

On the Isle of the Vaere, Taen bent over the crystal basin, her vision centered with feverish inten­sity upon the dusky tanbark sail of the boat which tacked across the harbor.

Taen drew her knees against her chest, her head bent with unconsolable grief.