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Tado (formerly Ezame) is a village in south east Togo, near the border with Benin.

Tradition states that Tado was the birthplace of the Aja people at some point in the 12th or 13th century. Today the Aja populate the south part of Togo and Benin. It is also the reputed birthplace of Gangnihessou, the first king of Dahomey, in the 16th century.

Today Tado is a centre of pilgrimage for Aja people from across the region, who visit the village each August to pray for their ancestral spirits.

Tado (disambiguation)

Tado may refer to:

  • Tado, a village in Togo, Africa
  • Tado°, German high-tech company which engages in intelligent climate control
  • Tadó, town and municipality in Chocó Department, Colombia
  • Tado, a former West African kingdom
  • Tado, a village in the Manggrai district of Flores, Indonesia
  • Tado, Mie, a town located in Kuwana District, Mie, Japan
  • The Lower Tado period of the Japanese Jōmon period
  • The Upper Tado period of the Japanese Jōmon period
  • Tado, a minion of Garlic Jr. from the Dragon Ball Z series
  • Tado Jimenez, male comedian, radio show host and owner of a clothing line from the Philippines

Tadó is a municipality and town in the Chocó Department, Colombia.

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Tado (comedian)

Arvin Jimenez (March 24, 1974 – February 7, 2014), known mononymously as Tado, was a Filipino comedian, actor, radio personality, businessman and activist. His nickname "Tado" comes from a Tagalog expletive he frequently blurts out. Tado was primarily known for the offbeat television program Strangebrew and the U92 radio program The BrewRATs!.