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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Brilliantly designed, very realistic and, despite being a tad tricky to master at first, incredibly playable.
▪ For the first touchdown of the day, Young threw a 5-yard pass a tad low and short.
▪ His 21 errors were a tad high but not nearly as worrisome as his 127 strikeouts.
▪ Some dab on a tad, some eat it like soup.
▪ Surely they can't begrudge us for being a tad sharper round the bends?
▪ That was more than a tad retro so I distracted myself and put some music on.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1877, "young or small child," probably a shortened form of tadpole, which is said to be the source of Tad as the nickname of U.S. President Lincoln's son Thomas (1853–1871). The extended meaning "small amount" is first recorded 1915.


n. A small amount; a little bit.


n. a slight amount or degree of difference; "a tad too expensive"; "not a tad of difference"; "the new model is a shade better than the old one" [syn: shade]

Tad (band)

Tad (often styled as TAD) was an American grunge band from Seattle, Washington, formed in 1988 by Tad Doyle. Among the first of the many bands which came out of Seattle in the grunge era, Tad was notable for the fact that its music was inspired far more by 1970s metal (much like Alice in Chains and Soundgarden) than the punk which influenced many other grunge bands. Although their commercial success was limited, their music is still highly regarded amongst grunge fans.


Tad may refer to:

Tad (given name)

Tad is a male given name or shortened version of Thaddeus, Thomas or other names. It may refer to:


  • Tad Boyle (born 1963), University of Colorado men's basketball head coach and former player
  • Tad Crawford (born 1984), Canadian Football League player
  • Thomas A. Tad Devine (born 1955), American political consultant
  • Edward T. Foote II (born 1937), fourth president of the University of Miami
  • Tad Gormley (1884–1965), Louisiana State University men's basketball head coach and trainer
  • Tad Hilgenbrink (born 1981), American actor
  • Tad Jones (politician) (born 1972), American politician
  • Tad Kornegay (born 1982), collegiate football and Canadian Football League player
  • Thomas Tad Lincoln (1853–1871), youngest son of Abraham and Mary Lincoln
  • Tad J. Oelstrom (born 1943), retired US Air Force lieutenant general
  • Tad Mosel (1922–2008), American Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright and dramatist
  • Tad Richards (born 1940), American writer and visual artist
  • Tad Robinson, (born 1956), American soul blues singer
  • Tad Schmaltz (born 1960), professor of philosophy at the University of Michigan
  • Tad Stones (born c. 1952), American animator, screenwriter, producer and director best known for his work for The Walt Disney Company
  • Elton Wieman (1896–1971), American collegiate football player, coach and athletic director

Fictional characters:

  • Tad Hamilton, in the movie Win a Date with Tad Hamilton!
  • Thaddeus Tad Martin, on the American soap opera All My Children
  • Wayne Terrence Tad Reeves, on the Australian soap opera Neighbours
  • Tad, a one-time character on the animated TV series South Park, in the 2002 episode " Asspen"

Usage examples of "tad".

Anoshi and Bap were still checking the C-Deck equipment, so Tad went on alone to D Deck.

Buoyant, Tad turned and made his way back up the access tube to A Deck where Bap and Anoshi were already waiting for him.

Tad and Bap helped him into it, and fastened to his belt the tools he would need and the film packs for the cameras he would be activating.

Though hopefully not absolutely necessary, thought Tad grimly as he watched Bap, remembering his plans if Fedya should decide to cooperate.

Tad and Bap left the majority of the subjects still in the formerly sealed lab.

The blurred shadow he saw coming and going beyond that wall as he worked would be Bap, at work there, Tad thought.

But they came out in a widening throng, Elam and Dav, Ewin and Aram, Eward Candwin and Buel Dowtry, Hu and Tad the stablemen from the Winespring Inn, Ban and Tell and the Companions riding with that banner still.

Her legs were a tad thick, but her other dimensious were superlative enough to overcome that flaw.

He and Kem had shared a pint of scalloped oysters in a tavern just a tad too far inland, with the predictably unpleasant results.

It could be nothing more than mesenteric adenitis, albeit he seems a tad old for such childish infections.

Earth depended on such space ventures and Tad was working for the Nomarchies, not the Associated Habitats, who had long ago abandoned any enterprises near Earth orbit.

Kris Kringle gave the lad some instructions about the method employed by the tilters, and Tad decided to enter the contest.

Tad would never give him up, and Ma and Pa Yeehaw were lifetime criminals who would go down with guns blasting before they let themselves be taken.

And who did that first cousin happen to have been- the Exec aboard the Barracuda, Commander Tad Haywood.

Tad reeled back under the impact, hit the batwing doors and fell inside.