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n. (plural of tab English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: tab)

Usage examples of "tabs".

It would take at least five minutes for the three tabs to encode and append.

The platters were nearly empty, and the tablecloth was stained and littered with potato salad, cole slaw, miniature meatballs, tomato sauce, mustard, ham scraps, ring tabs, ashes, and things unrecognizable.

From there she followed a tendon down his neck, drew her fingers across his throat, slid them under the tabs of his shirt and began gently, rhythmically to massage his chest.

That was why he wanted to keep tabs on you after you were released from prison.

There was hollering all around me, but I was trying to listen out for another group so I could keep tabs on Dinger.

He still wore the string tie and silver collar tabs that had always been his trademark.

We believe she was recruited out of the Romanian Securitate, assigned to you by the Directorate in order to keep tabs on you.

When he had hired Paolo and Niccolo Sangiovanni, he had made it a point to learn their strange tongue, largely so that he could keep close tabs on the brothers, listen to what they said to one another, though he never let on that he understood what they were saying.

Giorgio is in a position to keep tabs on every activity around the casino.

But from what Laine had said, Jack had kept tabs on her off and on all along.