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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Taboret \Tab"o*ret\, n. [Dim. of tabor. Cf. Tabret.] (Mus.) A small tabor. [Written also tabouret.]


n. 1 A low stool in the form of a drum. 2 A low stand or embroidery frame in the same shape.


n. a low stool in the shape of a drum [syn: tabouret]


A taboret (also spelled tabouret or tabourette) or stool refers to two different pieces of furniture: a cabinet or a stool.

The popular sense refers to a small portable stand or cabinet, with drawers and shelves for storage. It is used as a method to bring organization to a work area. This name for a portable cabinet is common to artists. However, in the context of the Arts and Crafts Movement, a taboret is a stand for a plant or a beverage.

As a stool, it refers to a short stool without a back or arms. The name is derived from its resemblance to a drum (diminutive of Old French tabour).

Usage examples of "taboret".

Gesturing to the heavily-laden tray a subordinate set on a low taboret between them, he invited Janchan to help himself, which the princeling did without ceremony, being famished.

Approaching the large taboret, Chon Look motioned in that direction with the hammer.

The incense burners puffed, and the hideous form of Kwa appeared upon the huge taboret.

Clifford rose, bowed gravely to the Englishman, and stepped across the taborets to join his friends.