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Tabb (surname)

Tabb is a surname that refers to:

  • Barrington Tabb (b. 1934), English painter
  • Bill Tabb (contemporary), American professional wrestler
  • George Tabb (contemporary), American punk rock musician
  • Jay Tabb (b. 1984), Anglo-Irish professional football player
  • John B. Tabb (1845–1909), American poet
  • Michaela Tabb (b. 1967), British snooker and pool referee
  • Ron Tabb (b. 1954), American long-distance runner
  • William Barksdale Tabb (1840–1874), Confederate army officer
  • Winston Tabb (contemporary), Dean of University Libraries at the Johns Hopkins University

Tabb may refer to:

  • Tabb, Virginia, an unincorporated community in York County
    • Tabb High School, in the above community
  • Tabb, West Virginia, an unincorporated community in Berkeley County
  • Tabb Monument, in Amelia County, Virginia