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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Tabaret \Tab"a*ret\, n. [Cf. Tabby.] A stout silk having satin stripes, -- used for furniture.


n. A strong fabric consisting of stripes of silk and satin.

Usage examples of "tabaret".

Old Tabaret spoke in a low voice, clear and penetrating: and his eye glanced from one to the other of his auditors, watching the impression he was making.

Old Tabaret took from his pocket-book a bank note, which he handed to the gendarme.

Thanks to old Tabaret, the magistrate felt confident that he was in the right path.

They would perhaps shake hands with me less warmly did they know that Tirauclair and Tabaret were one and the same.

Short as was the distance to his house, old Tabaret was a good quarter of an hour in reaching it.

Old Tabaret took his place at the table, and helped himself to soup, but mounting his hobby-horse again, he forgot to eat, and remained, his spoon in the air, as though suddenly struck by an idea.

This indifference, this cold disdain, amazed old Tabaret, accustomed as he was to the affectionate relations always existing between mother and son.

He was speaking as though pleading the cause, when old Tabaret interrupted him.

Old Tabaret had just thrust one of the letters into the depths of his capacious pocket, when the advocate returned.

Noel made a startled movement, which passed unnoticed by old Tabaret, preoccupied as he was in trying to give the turn he desired to the conversation.

This last phrase conflicted so directly with the code of opinions habitual to Noel, that old Tabaret was obliged to turn aside, to conceal his amusement.

Lazare terminus was striking eleven as old Tabaret, after shaking hands with Noel, left his house, still bewildered by what he had just heard.

He saw himself married, and all on a sudden, discovering the antecedents of Madame Tabaret, becoming mixed up with a scandalous prosecution, compromised, and rendered ridiculous.

Old Tabaret, who was now crossing the Pont des Saints-Peres, stopped suddenly.

He will despise me: he will fly from me, when he knows that Tabaret and Tirauclair sleep in the same nightcap.