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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Taas \Taas\, n. A heap. See Tas. [Obs.]


TAAS may refer to:

  • Israel Military Industries, also referred to as Taas (Hebrew: תע"ש), an Israeli weapons manufacturer
  • Ta'as, an abbreviation of the Hebrew for "Military Industry" (Hebrew: Ta'asiya Tzvait), the clandestine arms industry of the Jewish settlement in Mandate Palestine
  • Texas Assessment of Academic Skills
  • These Arms Are Snakes, an American band
  • The Air Ambulance Service, a British charity who operate air ambulances
  • Trimeric autotransporter adhesins (TAAs), proteins found on the outer membrane of Gram-negative bacteria

Usage examples of "taas".

To ransake in the taas of bodyes dede, Hem for to strepe of harneys and of wede, The pilours diden bisynesse and cure, After the bataille and disconfiture.