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Taar (disambiguation)

Taar or TAAR may refer to:

  • Taar (instrument) or tar, a Persian long-necked, waisted stringed instrument shared by many cultures and countries in central Asia and near the Caucasus region
  • Trace amine-associated receptor
  • The All-American Rejects, a musical band.

Usage examples of "taar".

Marghe supposed the herders had very little else to occupy their time once the taar herds were corralled for the winter.

She looked out between the taar pen and the other tents, across the tundra.

First she pulled down one of the bulging skins of locha, then grabbed food and the half-full sack of taar dung.

Here and there, piles of taar droppings glistened, dark and smooth against the white.

To that, she added a scoop of taar butter, then mixed the mess until it formed a doughy, greasy ball the size of her fist.

Marghe cut out a limping taar from the rest and dismounted to check its hooves.

The circular tent was low and the air heavy with the smell of unwashed women, their fur and leather clothes, grease, and the animal stench of taar chips.

Marghe watched Aoife and tried to follow her lead, using her palo to nudge an old or thin or limping taar away from its more healthy siblings, Once she almost got trampled by two taars running blindly from the swinging palos and had to scramble on all fours across the dung-spattered snow.

Aoife made her a snow mask, a pad of taar felt to fit over her nose and mouth.

They need more than taar butter and grain to keep them well in the snows.

The taar settled comfortably back amongst its fellows and showed no signs of wandering off a second time.

Marghe moved her tatty mat of what had once been taar skin a few feet along the furrow and knelt, glad to get the weight off her feet.

You will have heard that we are stupid, with less brains than a taar or one of your own children.

And there was Thenike, hand gaping wide and bleeding like a stuck taar, looking furious.

Here and there mounted women flicked whips, but it seemed to Marghe that the taars ran from something more frightening than the crack of plaited leather.