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n. (cx music English) A rapid melodic vocal technique in raga singing.

Taan (disambiguation)

Taan may refer to:

  • Taan (music), a virtuosic technique used in North Indian classical vocal music
  • Faerûn, a region of the Dungeons & Dragons Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting
  • Taan (Sovereign Stone), a fictional lizard like race in the Sovereign Stone trilogy
  • Taan Stari, a famous Czech Guild Wars player
  • Da'an District, Taipei - a district in Taipei, Taiwan
  • Taan (2001 film) (ターン), also known as "Turn" - a Japanese film
  • Taan (2014 film), a Bengali film
Taan (music)

Taan ( Hindi: ) is a virtuoso technique used in the vocal performance of a raga in Hindustani classical music. It involves the singing of very rapid melodic passages using vowels, often the long "a" as in the word "far", and it targets at improvising and to expand weaving together the notes in a fast tempo. It is similar to the technique ahaat, used in Arabic music.

The murki, a type of ornamentation, is a swift and taan-like movement that is heavily used in thumri.

Taan (2014 film)

Taan is a 2014 Bengali drama film, written and directed by Mukul Roy Chowdhury. The film is based on Jal Bhaishya or water Prostitutes and Human trafficking.