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abbr. scantily-clad women, or entertainment featuring scantily clad women.

Usage examples of "t&a".

U S T T 0 D U S T 259 A P T E FAM OUS LAST WORDS: ITseemed like agood idea aT The Time.

D U S T T 0 D U S T 187 C H A P T E H E Y, R E D , i have a couple of quesTions abouT auToeroTic asphyxlaTion.

Bunker goT in There and anyThing happened To her T J would never see a penny.

Remember T E Lawrence calling his Arabs a people of primary colours seeing everyThing in black and whiTe?


D U ST TO D U ST P R 0 L 0 G U E I T I S S T U N N I N G how quickly iT happens.

Elwood KnuTson sTood in The near corner, looking like a Disney D U S T T 0 0 U S T carToon bear in a black felT bowler.

D U S T T 0 D U S T 11 reaching for The brass rings of life--and caTching every goddamn one of Them.

WyaTT had moved To shake The hand of an 12 T A M 0 A 0 aTTracTive, serious-looking blonde who seemed vaguely familiar.

The old man rolled over onTo his back and made a paTheTic aTTempT To siT up, flopping on The floor like D U S T T 0 D U S T 13 a beached seal, Tears pouring down The sides of his face.

D U S T T 0 D U S T 19 C H A P T E T H E P H 0 T 0 G R A P H H A S a fake qualiTy To iT.

D U S T T 0 D U S T 25 Now The handsome face was discolored, disTorTed, purple and bloaTed, The mouTh frozen in a kind of sneer.

Seven brown prescripTion boTTles for The TreaTmenT of everyThing from T A 0 A G indigesTion To arrhyThmia To insomnia To pain.

Andy beaming, Mike beside him 0 U S T T 0 D U S T 39 in The wheelchair, a jagged line now cuTTing beTween Them like a lighTning bolT.

T A C H A P T E R N E I L F A L L 0 N N A D forsaken noT only his faTher buT The ciTy as well.