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abbr. system


SYS may indicate:

  • SYS (operating system), a Linux distribution
  • SYS (command), a DOS command used to make a medium bootable
  • SYS, a BASIC command
  • SYS Technologies, a information technology company
  • ISO 639-3 code of the sinyar language
  • IATA code of the Saskylakh Airport
  • Stretch-Yawn Syndrome ( pandiculation)
  • Salford Youth Service
  • .sys filename extension
SYS (command)

Usage examples of "sys".

Mount Sys Pack on Spindle 1, Master Client File on Spindle 2, Client Backup on Spindle 3, and scratch on Spindle 4.

The spindles on Sys A powered up and the console spit cathode fireworks.