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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Syrt \Syrt\, n. [L. syrtis a sand bank in the sea, Gr. ?: cf. F. syrte.] A quicksand; a bog. [R.]


Etymology 1 n. A kind of elevated flatland in Russia and Central Asia. Etymology 2

n. A quicksand or bog.


A syrt is a kind of an elevated landform in Russia and Central Asia.

The word means " highland", " ridge" or " backbone" in Turkic languages (sırt) and is present in Turkic toponymy in the mentioned areas: in Tien Shan, Pamirs, South Urals, such as Obshchiy Syrt by Urals, Uzun-Syrt ("Long back") plateau by Koktebel in Crimea.

It is a denudational upland or elevated flatland, a kind of dissected plateau. Syrts may be separated from each other by higher ridges. At the same time, syrts may serve as water divides between drainage basins for larger rivers.

The term should not to be confused with the Latin term syrtis and the derived term "syrt" for sandy shores or quicksand.

Usage examples of "syrt".

The population of the Warm Syrt system combines a thousand two hundred people, out of whom eight hundred people are constantly engaged in the field and,  consequentially, are permanently under threat  of attack.