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Syr or SYR may refer to:

  • Sýr, a name of Freyja in Norse mythology
  • Syr Darya, a major river of Central Asia
  • Sigurd Syr (c. 970-1018), Norwegian petty king
  • Sonic Youth Recordings
  • South Yorkshire Railway (1849–1864)
  • Syracuse Hancock International Airport, Syracuse, New York
  • Syre, a river in Luxembourg
  • Syria
  • William F. Walsh Regional Transportation Center, Syracuse, New York
  • The IATA airport code for Syracuse Hancock International Airport

Usage examples of "syr".

He raised his beam, blinding both of them, and Beel covered his face with his arms and moved further behind Syra.

He followed at a discreet distance as Syra, Roth and Beel hiked across open prairie land with backpacks on their backs.

Roth and Beel loaded their backpacks, each bestowed her with a hug, shared some parting words, and then boarded their glider and took off, leaving Syra standing alone in the valley.

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