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Symposiachrus is a genus of birds in the Monarchidae family. It is sometimes lumped together in the genus Monarcha.

It contains the following species:

  • Black monarch (Symposiachrus axillaris)
  • Spot-winged monarch (Symposiachrus guttula)
  • Black-bibbed monarch (Symposiachrus mundus)
  • Flores monarch (Symposiachrus sacerdotum)
  • Black-chinned monarch (Symposiachrus boanensis)
  • Spectacled monarch (Symposiachrus trivirgatus)
  • White-tailed monarch (Symposiachrus leucurus)
  • White-tipped monarch (Symposiachrus everetti)
  • Black-tipped monarch (Symposiachrus loricatus)
  • Kofiau monarch (Symposiachrus julianae)
  • Biak monarch (Symposiachrus brehmii)
  • Hooded monarch (Symposiachrus manadensis)
  • Manus monarch (Symposiachrus infelix)
  • Mussau monarch (Symposiachrus menckei)
  • Black-tailed monarch (Symposiachrus verticalis)
  • Solomons monarch (Symposiachrus barbatus)
  • Kolombangara monarch (Symposiachrus browni)
  • White-collared monarch (Symposiachrus vidua)