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Syme (also Symes, Simes) is a surname, and may refer to:

  • Colin Syme (1903–1986), an Australian medical administrator and innovator
  • David Syme (1827–1908), a Scottish-Australian newspaper proprietor of The Age
  • David Syme (pianist) (born 1949), an American pianist.
  • Don Syme, an Australian computer scientist and creator of the F# programming language
  • Ebenezer Syme (1826–1860), a Scottish-Australian journalist, proprietor and manager of The Age
  • Geoffrey Syme (1873-1942), son of David Syme, who succeeded his father as proprietor and owner of The Age
  • George Adlington Syme (1859–1929), an Australian surgeon.
  • Hugh Syme (GC) (1903-1965), a naval officer and bomb disposal operative, and employee of The Age.
  • Hugh Syme, a Canadian musician and a Juno Award-winning graphic artist
  • James Syme (1799–1870), a pioneering Scottish surgeon.
  • Jennifer Syme (1972–2001), an American actress and production assistant.
  • John Syme (1795–1861), a Scottish portrait-painter
  • John Thomas Irvine Boswell Syme (1822–1888), a British botanist
  • Ronald Syme (1903–1989), a New Zealand-born historian of ancient Rome and classicist.
  • Syme (1984), a minor character in George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four
  • Gabriel Syme, a character in G.K. Chesterton's The Man Who Was Thursday
Syme (mythology)

In Greek mythology, Syme was the eponym of the island Syme.

According to Athenaeus, Syme was the daughter of Ialysos and Dotis. She was carried off by the sea god Glaucus on his way back from Asia. Glaucus named a deserted island he landed on after Syme.

Diodorus Siculus, however, writes of Syme as the mother of Chthonius with Poseidon, and mentions that it was Chthonius who named the island after Syme.

Usage examples of "syme".

The head of the Dolphine hauyng a Syme, whereof the one part turned towardes the Boye, and the other bent against the vessell with an open gaping, and endyng in the head of a Storke, with her beake against the open mouth of a Monster, lying with his face vpwarde, and certaine Whorelles or Beades rysing vp betwixt his mouth and her beake.

Meyers, Sally Mitchell, Ellen Moody, Barbara Mortimer, Jess Nevins, Rosemary Oakeshott, Judy Oberhausen, Jeanne Peterson, Sian Preece, Angela Richardson, Cynthia Rogerson, Mario Rups, Herb Schlossberg, Barbara Schulz, Malcolm Shifrin, Helen Simpson, Carolyn Smith, Rebecca Steinitz, Matthew Sweet, Ruth Symes, Carol L.

When I think how close Mr Garin and his little boy came to being under all that when it went (not to mention Mr Allen Symes, Geologist Extraordinaire), I get the willies.

Symes, a geologist-engineer for something called the Deep Earth Mining Corporation, had seen the Garin family on July 24th of 1994, the same day Audrey's brother had sent her the exuberant postcard.

To-morrer I'm goin' dahn to the Lybour Exchynge to git put on the wytin' list, syme as you!

He thought it with a kind of sadness, although well knowing that Syme despised him and slightly disliked him, and was fully capable of denouncing him as a thought criminal if he saw any reason for doing so.

Watching from the window, she had seen Alden meet Bull Symes at the bottom of the path, and then Freddy Dinsmore had joined them and down at the cove she saw her own husband, whom she had sent out that morning just as usual, with his dinner pail under his arm.

From the moment when the vast stones of the Embankment loom like Egyptian architecture over him, Syme in his spying role of Thursday walks all too close to hell.