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Syl is a given name, typically but not always a shortened form of Sylvester or Sylvanus. Notable people with the name include:

  • Syl Anderton, British motorcycle dealer and racer
  • Syl Apps (1915–1998), Canadian pole vaulter and hockey player
  • Syl Apps, Jr. (born 1947), Canadian hockey player
  • Syl Apps III (born 1976), American hockey player
  • Syl Cheney-Coker (born 1945), Sierra Leonean poet, novelist, and journalist
  • Syl Johnson (born 1936), American blues and soul singer
  • Syl Johnson (baseball) (1900–1985), American baseball pitcher
  • Syl Simon (1897–1973), American baseball player

Usage examples of "syl".

Monk and Ham had been more or less deviled in an effort to make them tell how they had escaped from the four-Sid, Syl and company-who had seized them at Grand Central Station.

Dogs were chained up, doors were barred, no one ventured out but Syl, who had come into the village with the shawl she had woven, to leave it at the shop that sold her work.

Purple lingered longest, Syl saw, a final streak of smoke or an edge of wing.

They saved the house and the barn, he added, as Syl, her eyes wide, burning dry as with smoke, patched the holes in his trousers.

She was still Syl, my cuz, and I could still show her weird bugs if I wanted.

They actually made the shapes on the star map Syl had sent me for my eighth birthday.

I brought Syl here to see if someone would come to her, and tell her why they took Tyler.

Manor Ansache destroyed, the toad had said, and Syl here from Manor Bossian.

The rest were tousled looking, and the long aquamarine gown of the other woman--older than Syl by quite a lot--was seared across the train.

He heard Getchin ask Syl to get back into the boat--and her snarl at him in a voice like an angry cat.

Ansache destroyed, the toad had said, and Syl here from Manor Bossian.

His father, Syl, told him and Antonio often when they were growing up of how he and his brothers had gotten rid of Chase Doucet.

Another group had stepped upto the trains and Syl via was running them again.

I knew that with the moderate-sized wedding Syl planned we'd still end up with a sea of presents—it seemed that the public actually cared about what happened in my life, my fifteen minutes apparently hadn't quite come to a close, and so there were likely going to be some attempts at gatecrashing and certainly gifts from all over the place.