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Syd or SYD may refer to:

  • A diminutive form of Sydney, a given name
  • Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
    • IATA code for Sydney Airport, New South Wales, Australia
    • Syd the platypus, a mascot of the Sydney 2000 Olympic games.
    • Sydney FC
  • Syd Barrett, the late British singer and musician, formerly of Pink Floyd
  • Syd Eru, a New Zealand rugby league football player
  • Syd Lawrence, the founder and leader of the Syd Lawrence Orchestra big band
  • David "Syd" Lawrence, a former English cricketer
  • Syd Little, an English comedian and straight man to Eddie Large in the double act Little and Large
  • Syd'quan Thompson, the leader of the Cal Golden Bears secondary corps
  • Stonewall Young Democrats, a young gay democratic club based out of Los Angeles, California
  • Hans Sydow (author abbreviation Syd., 1879-1946), a German mycologist
  • Sum-of-Years' Digits, an accounting, economics, and financial depreciation method
  • Saw You Drown
  • Seitokai Yakuindomo, a Japanese manga and anime series by Tozen Ujiie.

Usage examples of "syd".

She was plain and quiet and rarely had visitors, which suited Syd just fine after living for eight months next door to the frat boys from hell.

Neanderthal who had nearly run Syd down on the stairs had raped this girl.

Gina had loosened her grip on the torn front of her shirt and showed Lucy and Syd a burn.

Silva had informed Syd that six women had come in in half as many weeks.

He smiled, and it was such a perfect, slightly puzzled smile, Syd nearly laughed aloud.

And as Syd gazed into his eyes, she got a glimpse of his horror and shock.

Mia smiled at Syd again, friendly but curious, taking in her shapeless linen jacket, her baggy khaki pants, her cloddish boots and the mannish blouse she wore buttoned all the way to her neck.

Lucky laughed as he waved good-bye, leading Syd down one of the corridors.

Bemused and curious, Syd climbed down from the cab of his shiny red truck.

He was dying to speak, and Syd gave him about four seconds before he gave in to the urge to keep the conversation going.

And yet, after kissing him as if the world were coming to an end, Syd had pushed him away.

As Heather headed for the bar, already dialing her cell phone, he sat down next to Lucy and across from Syd and felt like a complete jackass.

T-shirt contest and Heather and Syd were the contestants, Heather would win, hands down.

The enormous SEAL smiled at Syd again, and she smiled happily back at him, ignoring Lucky completely.

She skidded to a stop in the soft sand a few yards away from Luke and Syd, and sat down, watching the men on the beach.