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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Syb \Syb\, a. See Sib. [Obs. or Scot.]


SYB is a three-letter acronym which can refer to

  • A three letter code for Stalybridge railway station
  • The Statesman's Yearbook
  • Sydney Youth Band, a Salvation Army Brass Band for those aged 13–30.

Usage examples of "syb".

The syb stayed shut even though its security overlay seemed unexceptional.

To the inexperienced or unsophisticated, the new object looked just like the syb it had replaced.

Flinx ran through a series of thought commands designed to restore the syb while avoiding the elegant subset of alarms that had taken its place.

And Flinx had no doubt the recalcitrant syb contained potentially interesting material.

Residue within the syb ghost suggests the utilization of a renegade probe.

Can you find out where the information originally contained in the syb was sent?

Who would want access to the kind of information the syb under investigation was likely to contain?

Bangalore Economic Ring Number Three, the dominant information AI on the planet sucked a minuscule, seemingly insignificant syb out of the depths of a Ranglou Level Eight industrial AI server.

Clearly, if he wanted the syb, he was going to have to confront the crewmember in whose possession it presently resided.

To have come all this way, to have risked intrusion into Empire space, only to have lost the trail of the one syb that might contain critical clues to his history, was almost too much to bear.

For the life of him, though, he still had not a clue what a syb dealing with his personal history might have to do with a monstrous and previously unknown alien artifact lying hidden on the outskirts of a minor AAnn system.

I was on Earth recently and tried to access the original syb, it struck back at me.

Once I had accessed, studied, and copied the syb, I thought it best to keep anyone in authority from tracking my work.

Or was she just a clever adapter of information gleaned from the syb she had appropriated?

The syb was out there, she was out there with it, and he did not doubt that he would encounter both of them again.