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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Sy \Sy\, obs. imp. of See. Saw.


Sy is a given name, nickname/ hypocorism (often of Seymour) and surname which may refer to:

Sy (disambiguation)

Sy is a given name, nickname and surname. It may also refer to:

  • Sy, Belgium, a town in the Ardennes
  • Sy, Ardennes, a commune in France
  • Sy, Mali, a small town and commune
  • 1714 Sy, an asteroid
  • .sy, the country code top level domain for Syria

Usage examples of "sy".

That is the fidelity of a woman speaking, for Sier Valence has already said that he has abjured his oaths for the sake of this woman, and she does not deny it.

If Ahmad dies, then Syed will hate us and we will never be able to see my sister, Amine, again.

Sier Quesnes was dressed in barbaresque fashion, in a bournous of cendal shot with gold thread.

Mount Sys Pack on Spindle 1, Master Client File on Spindle 2, Client Backup on Spindle 3, and scratch on Spindle 4.

The spindles on Sys A powered up and the console spit cathode fireworks.

Sier Quesnes was dressed in barbaresque fashion, in a bournous of cendal shot with gold thread.

He had passed most of the previous day reading over all the inventories and similar documents which had been presented to the funda by the French Hospitaler, Sier Valence Rainaut.

The bazaar was left to the enemy, but the serai, about a hundred yards in front of the main entrenchment, was held by a picket of twenty-four men of the 31st Punjaub Infantry, under Subadar Syed Ahmed Shah.

That others, such as Libby Trask, Emil Garville, Charlene Bloom, and Alfredo Roewen, seemed much more ready to assign that role to a reluctant Sy, did nothing to make Korwin less angry.

There was a flowery one labeled SY, and a half digested one labeled CREAS, a mind boggling one labeled TY, an elegant one labeled ACHE, and a very fancily illustrated one labeled ORAMA.

The only way discov ered by the Cardassians to protect against further deterioration of their pulmonary and nervous sys tems-the dying of the cones in O'Brien's eyes was only the most "visible" sign of a deteriorating brainmwas to grind up the Praying Lizards, as the chief dubbed them, and extract a long-chain bio polymer that scrubbed the system of cyanogens, at least in the concentrations produced by breathing.

And like Sy, I will be happy to return to cold sleep in order to accomplish that.

Obviously Lila had had no digestive apparatus, no circulatory sys -- tem, and no respiratory system.

So if you goto yahoo and then search for sys v you could dump all the serves into a text file with the hosts program and then use a statd scanner to have it check for statd exploitable servers.

At another command, 26 SIEs with their two supervisory SIECOM units would emerge from the electrode-tips and bloom within the right and left lateral ventricles.