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Swyre is a small village and civil parish in southwest Dorset, England, situated in a valley beside Chesil Beach southeast of Bridport. In the 2011 census the parish had a population of 102.

The village church is dedicated to the Holy Trinity and was largely rebuilt in 1843, though the west tower and chancel arch date from about 1400. The church contains memorial to members of the local gentry, namely the families of Napier, Squibb, Gollop and Russell. The Napiers, originally from Scotland, included Sir Robert Napier, Chief Baron of the Irish Exchequer (died 1615) whose descendants became the Napier Baronets of Middlemarsh.

Usage examples of "swyre".

That other wyth a gorger wat3 gered ouer the swyre, Chymbled ouer hir blake chyn with chalkquyte vayles, Hir frount folden in sylk, enfoubled ayquere, Toreted and treleted with tryfle3 aboute, That no3t wat3 bare of that burde bot the blake broyghes, The tweyne y3en and the nase, the naked lyppe3, And those were soure to se and sellyly blered.