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Swope is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Earl Swope (1922–1968), American jazz trombonist; brother of Rob Swope
  • Gerard Swope (1872–1957), American businessman; president of General Electric 1922–44
  • Guy J. Swope (1892–1969), American politician from Pennsylvania; U.S. representative 1937–39; governor of Puerto Rico 1941
  • Henrietta Hill Swope (1902–1980), American astronomer
  • Herbert Bayard Swope (1882–1958), American journalist and editor; said to have coined the term cold war
  • John Augustus Swope (1827–1910), American politician from Pennsylvania; U.S representative 1884–87
  • King Swope (1893–1961), American politician from Kentucky; U.S. representative 1919–21
  • Martin Swope (b. 1955), American tape manipulator and sound engineer
  • Michael Sheldon Swope (1843-1929), American jeweler; benefactor of the Swope Art Museum
  • Richard T. Swope (1942-2011), United States Air Force Lieutenant General; Inspector General of the United States Air Force
  • Rob Swope (1926–1967), American jazz trombonist; brother of Earl Swope
  • Sam Swope (contemporary), American businessman; founder of a chain of automobile dealerships
  • Sam Swope (contemporary), American author of children’s stories
  • Samuel F. Swope (1809–1865), American lawyer and politician from Kentucky; U.S. representative 1855–57
  • Thomas H. Swope (1827–1909), American real estate magnate and philanthropist

Usage examples of "swope".

Jimmy Stewart, Josh Logan, John Swope, Martha Edens, Henry Fonda, Jane Fonda, Peter Fonda, William Wyler, Billy Wilder, Nancy Keith, Diana Vreeland, Fredric and Florence March, Truman Capote, Millicent and Paul Osborn, Bill and Greta Wright, Sara Mankiewicz, Tom Mankiewicz, Bill Francisco, Peter Hunt, Charles and Ray Fames, Joseph Cotten, Hank Potter, George Cukor, Jules Stein, King Vidor, Swifty Lazar, George Axelrod, Kathleen Malley, Kenneth Wagg, my grandmother, and most of all my brother, Bill.

When Swope replied in the affirmative he approached it with interest It was a small student desk with a typewriter stand at right angles to it, and a stack of good bond paper beside it, all of it inscribed with the name of Ebbets Publishing Company.

We would drive out to Swope Park, picnic there, and see the zoo animals, then joy ride again after the picnic, perhaps clear out to Raytown or even Hickman Mills.