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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Swom \Swom\, obs. imp. of Swim.

Usage examples of "swom".

Larren has been a downtown felony judge ever since, a ruthless autocrat in his courtroom and, notwithstanding his friendship with Raymond, the swom enemy of the deputy prosecuting attorneys.

As a prosecutor I meant to combat it, to declare myself a swom enemy of the crippled spirit that commits each, trespass with force and arms.

When you signed your name after entering this competition, you were specifically giving your swom word to strive to the best of your ability to win.

This swom brotherhood of men lived inside the remotest recesses of the Quzint Mountains.

Wherefore they when they had swom a little while, were carried by their arms to the bottom.

Sergeant Savoy ushered us into her sterile cubicle like a gracious hostess, handed us our swom statements to read over, and alternated her attention between a mountain of paperwork and an insistent telephone.

Alyssa could have swom that the dark-red stain along the high bones of his cheeks was one of pure embarrassment.

Of these, not quite eleven hundred were subjects of the Margrave of Anspach-Bayreuth, rather more than eight hundred and fifty were subjects of the Landgrave of Hesse-Cassel, and the remainder, or about five thousand men, were subjects of the King of Great Britain, to whom all in this army had swom obedience.

Certainly, they were soldiers, but they were also Christians, each of them having swom his oath of loyalty upon the cross, and the Christian Commandment was specific: Thou shalt not kill.

And the, quality nf the image was so goodf He could have swom that he was looking through a window into the next room where a couple was-was doing certain things he had never seen done before.