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n. (plural of sweatshirt English)

Usage examples of "sweatshirts".

Sarah and I looked quite the devoted couple in our matching suburbanite jeans and sweatshirts, with neat nylon bomber jackets for the rain.

He glanced out the hospital window, and they were there, several men in sweatshirts, all of them rushing toward the hospital.

Charlie urgently out the door, then from the window, watched her emerge again, dressed as a nurse, pushing Charlie in a wheelchair while the men in sweatshirts darted back and forth among the cars.

San Francisco sweatshirts in bright colorskelly green, scarlet, royal blue.

As he slows on the main streets of the small towns that crowd up against the meandering line of the highway, he sees people working in their yards, walking the sidewalks, and driving in their cars, and among them are faces that seem as familiar to him as if he might be able to call out to them by name-- wide-hipped girls in leather shoes and long skirts and their rangy boyfriends in hats and jeans and hooded sweatshirts that bulge out under their quilted vests.

She lobs the lopsided balls of his rolled-up socks and tosses the crumpled wads of his underwear, the clumps of his sweaters and his sweatshirts, the stiff slabs of his suit jackets and pants.